"Talking Drums"
The theme of this interactive presentation centers around drumming and rhythm around the world. Diverse rhythms are presented through the use of various percussion instruments (African, Latin-American, Brazilian etc.) with emphasis on drumming as a tool for communication and unity. Group participation is encouraged.

Program includes:
Talking drum demonstration- Universal communication
African djembe- Call and response- Dance
Afro-Cuban percussion- African connection
Sound effects- vibraslap, flexatone, slide whistle
Nature percussion- Environmental sounds
" The Rain Storm"- A story told through the use of percussion instruments
Brazilian percussion- Exotic sounds and exciting rhythms
The drumset- Brief history and demonstration of different styles
Group participation- Percussion ensemble
Parade- Conga line

"Never have we seen an audience so eager to participate in a performance. I'm pretty sure there were more kids on stage that in their seats, and you never skipped a beat and had an instrument for everyone! You were simply remarkable! Thank you for making it a very special day for all of us!"
Marcia Hupp- Head of Youth Services
Mamaroneck Public Library

" You were able to relate drums, percussion and music to the school curriculum in a fun and interesting way " ... It was wonderful !
Rosemary Rasmussen - White Plains Public Library

"Norbert deserves the credit for being able to establish such a wonderful connection through the use of music, he is a very skilled professional that we are so pleased was able and willing to come back to our little program."
SPARC - Magic of Music program director